How did this All Begin?


We've grown tired of going to local Oktoberfests and seeing the lack of participation and enthusiasm from both the crowd and the bands.  After numerous adventures and experiences at the Oktoberfest in Munich, we thought it was time to bring that to everyone here.

Bayern Maiden is an authentic Oktoberfest band.

We play the songs and the music the way it is played in the afternoons and evenings like you were sitting and listening in the tents in Munich yourself.  Ok, more like standing and dancing.

We don't play 6 piece horn polka.

We bring the true Wies’n party music.  A mix of classic German pop, rock, folk, disco and American classic tunes so everyone can sing along.  We are a fully costumed, dirndls and lederhosen, full performance show.

We want to make your Oktoberfest the most entertaining and exciting event this year! 

Bayern Maiden - The Only Rhyme Or Wies’n!


We are importers of beer from Munich, Germany, and therefore I have been to the Munich Oktoberfest many times.  Without hesitation, I have to say that Bayern Maiden is a band that could fill beer halls even in Munich.  They are not just playing the authentic songs of Germany’s greatest festival, but the high energy they bring to their performance adds to the experience of any true Oktoberfest event.

                                            - Andreas Hausner, Vice President

                                              Spaten West, Inc.*



Bayern Maiden