This FAQ is designed so you can email the required information for us to properly expedite the booking process for your event.  We are actually asking you the questions.  Please answer all questions as throughly as possible in your first inquiry email to us, thank you.

At the bottom of the required information are answers to many questions you may also have.

Required information we need to start booking process:

  1. 1.Date of event, type of event, and location:  (if flexible dates, please put this in response)

  2. 2.Duration of event:  (we need two specific times; full event time and desired performance time)

    example: Our event is from 12pm - 6pm.  We would like 3 hours of music spread out over that time, or from 2-5, etc.

  1. 3.Do you have a P.A. or house system with mics, cables, etc.?  If yes, will there be someone there to help with setup and run the sound?  We will need the specs on the system with the first email in order to approve compatibility with our production requirements.

    If no, we can provide a professional system and run the sound at an additional cost.

  1. 4.How/where is the band setup?  On a stage, outside, etc., and are there multiple, grounded outlets available.

  2. 5.What is your estimated attendance and is this a public event that we can help promote via our social networks?

  3. 6.How will you expect to pay?  Cash is preferred, but checks are acceptable.

All future bookings may be subject to minimum cancellation fees of 50% and up to 100% of original agreement.  Although we will use email to communicate, a Contract Rider, outlining all details, will be necessary for you to accept and sign to book Bayern Maiden.  Thank you in advance for your understanding.

Q: What music do you play?

A: Our music is NOT polka, but it is authentic Oktoberfest music.  Just like in Munich, when the sun goes down, classic Schlager, rock n’ roll, dance music and crowd participation songs rule, and that’s what we do.  We do many famous pop, rock, and traditional songs in both German and English language.  FYI, if you go to Munich, you are more likely to hear AC/DC than Udo Jürgens, but we do them both!

Q: How long can you play?

A: We have played events for up to 6 hours, with a few minor breaks along the way.  Oktoberfest music is setup for many repeat numbers, such as participation songs, so there is a lot of room to extend songs and sets.  We are also adding songs all the time so I’m sure we can fill most requested time frames.  We require a 2 hour minimum for booking.

Q:  Is your performance suitable for all ages?

A:  Definitely!  The majority of our song selection is G-rated.  Since some of the most famous songs in Munich are a little more risqué, we like to tailor the performance to the crowd.  We also have fun participation songs for children and families to take part in and have a great time, which leads us to the next question...

Q:  Do you play the Chicken Dance?

A:  No, never.  This song is not played at Oktoberfest in Munich, and frankly, we don’t care for it.  So we have other fun songs that are good for kids and families and are actually played in every tent in Munich during Oktoberfest.  See our video here.

Q:  Do you dress up?

A:  We modeled ourselves on a classic, Wiesn (Okotberfest) band, fully dressed in traditional Bavarian lederhosen and dirndls from Munich; no Halloween costumes here. 



Bayern Maiden